Re-designing Comfort Food.

Created by Nature.

Unleashed by Science.

Powered by Enthusiasm.

We are a food science company that has dedicated all it‘s work towards creating healthier planet and healthier people one meal at a time.

Re-designing popular comfort foods for the 21st century

  • containing all macro- & micro-nutrients known to be essential to human health, hence
  • high in protein, fibre, rich in micronutrients, less saturated fat, salt, and minimal refined sugars

Breakthrough innovations using science and technology

  • rethinking the way foods are being designed, made, and processed; while
  • protecting scarce resources and maximising natural resource utilisation

Crop diversification through Future Fit Crops

At NamZ, all of our actions and efforts are aimed at sustainably alleviating the Quadruple-Burden of the Nutritional Paradox. The Nutritional Paradox is a complex system which strives to create healthier people, healthier planet and healthier economy.


As a guiding philosophy, we believe in questioning the way the food system currently works. Are we doing the right thing in the first place?

The nutritional and planetary health needs of the 21st century are very different to the past. Decades of streamlining and the search for economies of scale has caused four distinct burdens our people, our planet and the economy, what we denote as the Nutritional Paradox.

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We come to work to bring fair and inclusive business strategies, science, technology and remarkable people together to create tasty and nutritious foods for a profoundly healthier planet, humanity and economy.

fair and inclusive

Building an ecosystem that advocates a fair profit distribution following the sustainable economic value-add and natural capital principles.

science and technology

Innovating and not renovating on new approaches, colliding scientific data with consumer insights to create foods for a complete diet.

remarkable people

Uniting diverse minds, transcending boundaries that divide, with enthusiasm, courage, and care toward a common purpose.

tasty and nutritious

Satisfying taste, aroma and flavour whilst providing macro- and micro- nutrition for the consumer, without compromising on the planet’s nutrition

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